6% of Medium Authors Earn Over $1,000 a Month

The calculation only includes authors earning $10 or more a month

Mike Lewis


Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

It was very heartening to find out that out of authors earning $10 or more a month, 6% earn over $1,000.

I was under the impression that the percentage was much lower and that it was more difficult to get to the $1,000 mark. Now, I feel like it’s achievable if I put in the work to get there.

The main reason I was surprised is because I hear so many writers here claim that earning over $100 a month puts you in the top 5–7% of writers. They are probably basing these figure on all Medium writers though, even those that only wrote one story.

I prefer to compare myself to active writers who take the platform more seriously. It’s the top writers in that group whose results I want to replicate.

I did reach over $1,000 a month in April and May 2022, but that now seems like a distant memory.

What makes me think I’m such a good writer?

I don’t think I’m a top 6% writer but I make up for this with my work ethic. I know I can put in the work. An average writer who puts in the effort can easily beat a better writer who takes it easy.